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You realize the type -- that doodling type. Every time there's a pen and paper up for grabs, they'll be sketching something down, with a mysterious smile, giggling quietly and making funny faces. Vlad Kolarov isn't any exception -- however, he's built a carrier out of his funny habit. If you are no Internet stranger, probably you have already seen his work. It may be a Yahoo ecard, or a funny cartoon on some web site, a credit card or even his online portfolio (). Vlad has existed for some time.Q> Why did you decide to turn into a cartoonist?R> I don't believe I ever had a selection. Naturally I came to be with all the animation gene - I've always liked to doodle and develop my own, personal little world on paper. Being a kid at school I noticed that my characters made people laugh and delivered me some respect. That is a wonderful experience. Therefore to receives a commission to accomplish it is the best. In spite of my legislation education (which I actually have never used), I made a decision to follow my stars and become a fulltime cartoonist/illustrator. It proved to become a very tough task but I also enjoy the fact I make my own hours and work at home. And itis good having work that relates to humor.Q> So how did it all start?R> It all were only available in 1989 (my God! That produces me nearly as old while the Triceratops). It absolutely was a very exciting moment. Over time freelancing, I landed work as a cartoonist for the biggest Bulgarian daily newspaper "twenty four hours". A long period later I made a decision to broaden my horizon and moved to Vancouver, BC with my family. I've been living and working there ever since -- I enjoy the place!!!Q> Vlad, how would you find new areas? Do you create any "cold-calls" or do you await the consumers to call you?R> Finding new markets could be the key to being fully a successful freelancer. As you need to be constantly searching for new purchasers an artist working at home. I contact magazines, websites, greeting card companies, etc... Also, they contact me. I find getting a web site collection very useful (check it out -). Himself MUST be promoted by a freelancer atlanta divorce attorneys way feasible. If one just waits for consumers to come quickly to him, they'll never make it.Q> Discuss an advertising key with this readers.R> Continually be creative! For instance my newest thought is to utilize the ability of the Internet and change my fans into my providers. Anybody who proposes me and earns a fresh consumer may receive 15% commission of what I get. Therefore if you wish to make some extra cash -- spread my name around:)Q> You have such a fantastic drawing type! Do you have any art instruction?R> No. I've had some art courses, but I wasn't excellent -- so gave up and started drawing instead what I like. I realized that my design changed a great deal through the years, and fundamentally it's today everything you see. I'm a fan of the easy types, so that is what I'm after. Less is more (except in the bed room):)Q> What is the timetable of the guy "working @ home"?R> My day starts at around 8AM. I begin with addressing my mail, then pulling characters and advertising my work. The good thing is that all day is really a new problem with a different customer and a different task, therefore I never get bored. This often goes till 8PM -- six times a week. Freelancers should work as several hours as possible.Q> What's the business side of cartooning?R> Hard...Qualified cartooning IS a business. I am the leader of Cardsup Greetings Ltd., which really is a fullservice multimedia firm. We (it is a business, remember?) specialize in humor, but we do almost everything -- web design, interactive animation, [festival off NONENONE], logo design, etc. We also provide humor material to web sites -- today we have deals of everyday cartoons and ecards that work good for advertising web sites.Q> What is a very important thing for you as a cartoonist?R> Being my own boss. Being able to work at home. Having my children and wife around me. Cartooning can be very satisfying:)Q> Where does your inspiration come from?R> I'm often asked that question...The truth is that all things considered these years my inspiration comes from the bills I've to pay for...Timeline a motivational also. This is a creative enterprise, and as a result, you need some fact biting you from behind.Q> Is there a secret for being effective?R> There are no techniques. Becoming successful includes a lot of work. You won't achieve success if you sit all day long in from of the television set. You must increase oneself and produce new product each and every day.Q> Do you work with any businesses? Do you consider they assist the painters?R> No. I've had my share of rejection slips. Agencies are enterprise associates. In some instances they could assist -- having someone on the market promoting your work is nice. But they aren't a warranty for success and if you can perform the work you don't must have them. Thatis why I ENJOY the Internet -- that is my true agent! And remember, if you suggest me -- you'll get paid!Q> Inform us a little concerning the selling process. Do you've set rates on your work and do you give discounts?R> I do have set rates, rates that I typically impose but I'm quite variable. Each consumer features a different budget and a different need. There really are a lot of factors that get into determining just how much a cartoon expenses, and there's always that negotiating approach. No client is too small or too big for me. I never turn away clients.Q> Vlad -- what's up with the title?R> Despite the wide-spread gossip, I'm not related to Dracula. I was, however, born in a tiny village on the river Danube somewhat close-to Transylvania. Which could explain my preference for dark humor.Q> Would you ever laugh at your characters?R> Guilty, your honor! That's happened from time to time. But what I prefer is experiencing others laugh at them -- that is my biggest prize!Q> How can people react when you tell them you are a cartoonist?R> The majority of them do not realize what that is...May be it's my highlight, or may be it's such an incredible job. How many cartoonists are you aware?